There are a number of different and popular types of binary options that can be traded.  These include:

•    High/Low Binary Options
High/Low binary options allow the trader to choose whether their selected traded asset will end higher or lower by their selected expiry point than a target price.

•    60 Second Binary Options
The 60 second binary option is the same as the high/low option but it is set at 60 second intervals.  This very short-term form of trading leaves very little room for error.

•    Touch/No Touch Binary Options
Traders selecting a one touch binary option will choose whether they believe the traded asset’s price will ‘touch’ or ‘not touch’ a selected target price point before the chosen expiry time.

•    Boundary or ‘In/Out” binary Options
When  selecting a boundary option a trader is asked to choose whether the selected asset will close at the expiry time either ‘in’ or ‘out’ of the bounded price range.

•    Rise/Fall Binary Options
Rise/Fall binary options require the trader to select whether an asset will rise or fall in price from its current level.